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US Patriot Action is an organization dedicated to getting the voice of the people heard. We are a not-for-profit business and funded through donations and the sale of merchandise. (See Here).

We send our message through billboard campaigns, T-Shirts for illegals, and any way possible that gets maximum visibility. We believe in positive activism for patriots and that Freedom Requires our Diligence.


The motivation for this campaign was inspired by the incompetency of the pinko communists who have managed to get leadership roles within our Government. They are destroying the United States and what it stands for from within. 

As a U.S. Army Vet whose two sons currently serve and whose family has served for generations (grandfather, great grandfather, and Uncle) I'm disgusted by the lack of character and our inability as a country to take a stand against the stupidity of the leftists that are destroying the U.S. from within

Like many patriots, I keep my powder dry and wait to fight the fight. I realized while posting comments on YouTube, the fight has already started, and we are sitting on our sofas while the enemy slowly inserts the sword. This is not the fight we expected. We are like the British during the American Revolution, foolishly standing in rows waiting to battle. We need to regain the American spirit, change tactics, and beat back the tyranny once again.

Starting this site and spreading the word allows us to get off the sofa, get our unfiltered voices heard, and lets people engage in a positive way. 


How do we do this? Well, that's easy...point out stupid and shame it.  Don't be afraid of the names they will call us, never apologize for being correct, and don't categorize 'The People' as anything but Americans or Swampy Politicians (SP).  Those are the only two categories for Americans. Finally, expect the same from your representatives, and when they forget they are servants of the people, send them packing.

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