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Science, It's Like Magic But Real

Freedom Scores & Standard of Living - Lower number is better

Make America Great Again Is about less federalism 

Identity politics are a pinko weapon to divide us.  

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Many of the countries did not have scores for Standard of Living - indicated as Unknown (unk)

Socialist want us to move to the right, with more big government

 1 Benefactor = Government

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So what is this monstrosity of a chart you ask? This chart does three things. 


1)  Provides a Visualization of Socialisms on a scale  - From Free Capitalism to Pure Communist. All forms of government on the planet have a level of social programs and it is a sliding scale. None are pure capitalist or pure communist. Above are the 20 high/low countries based on their level of Economic freedom vs socialism (government control). 

2) Standard of Living vs level of socialism - In the two tables located right and left, it shows the countries and where they rank on the standard of living. The table on the left side is blue and shows the top 20 economically free countries and the one on the right economically controlled by their government.


The interesting thing is the more freedom the better standard of living (AND THAT IS WHAT WE FIGHT FOR)

3) Defined What Make America Great Means - I have identified clearly what Trump is referring to when he says Make America Great Again. He wants to move the socialist needle left while the Marxist try to move it to the right. They call him and any other capitalist racists to change the conversation from meaningful political economics to race-based nonsense. Read the Democratic agenda from 2020, for raced-based nonsense. They also mention Trump over 40 times. talk about living in their heads rent-free. 

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