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Projects In Work


Below are the billboards we have designed to date and are being posted up today.

Lets go Brandon.PNG
not our king.PNG

T-Shirt Campaign

Capture 2blue.PNG

We are very excited about the up-coming T-shirt campaign. We will be taking donations to give out Free "Lets Go Brandon Shirts" to the Illegals crossing the boarder. 

When we have enough shirts, we are headed to the border to hand them out and get a photo of all the people wearing them. 

To make this happen, we will need to get a few billboards financed and then raise about $4000 to support the purchase and delivery of the T-shirts to the border. 

When this becomes a reality, we will put out a call for help. 

YouTube Channel

Getting the word out is the hardest part of a campaign. As we move forward at a lightning pace, we will be using more methods of media to spread the word. 

We will be starting a video channel and maybe transition to "The Truth," Trump's upcoming website, once it is out. I would expect to start seeing TikTok videos very soon, too. 

We are in the planning stages and don't know what we are doing next. So we look forward to what the future holds. I hope you will join me in the journey. 

TX Gov. Race Billboards

The following are prototypes in work for the Texas Governor's Race. There are limits to what we can do. We can't run negative ads, or I would. We can speak in general terms or do promotions of a candidate. Promotions are good, but they are not very funny. Billboards have limited space for text, and colors should be contrasting to read. 

Ideas are welcome, so please email anything you have for consideration! 

Billboard Idea1.PNG

TX Gov. Race Memes


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