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For Love of Country


I put up billboards that I think are funny, pointed, and support traditional American beliefs.

Clearly stating American views and not apologizing for them is what makes 'We the People' Badass! 

Want to have a voice and send a message from the people to the Clown show in DC?

You are in the right place. 


Our messages will empower those with similar common-sense views, have higher expectations of our elected officials, and show people that patriotism is alive and well.


Patriotism is only controversial to the domestic pinko socialists trying to take power. So it's time we piss them off and let people know what they are about. 

For Freedom mongers like myself, the billboards will make them smile as they travel to work.


For others, it will make them cry and call us names as they head to their Antifa pinko party in their grandma’s basement. Where she will make them grill cheese sandwiches. 

Below you can see the billboards that are up or we have had in the past.

Every dime goes to the cause and the more we raise the longer and more widespread we can put up pro-American messaging around Texas and the Country.

California Transplant Billboard (Below) 

Go Live 10/25 - 11/8

Arlington / Dallas / Del Rio

Billboard Idea1.PNG

 Previous Billboards




  • Constitution

  • Bill of Rights

  • American Citizen

  • Capitalism


We believe that Government creates problems, and we should not go to them to solve anything. Reduction in Government will allow the free market to create innovative cost effective and comparative solutions. The constitution is not intended to determine what can be infringed but limit government and where they should not tread. 

  • ​"Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”- Ronald Reagon -

  • Where capitalism has failed you will find government regulation every time (e.g. college Tuition / overpriced healthcare) 

  • Government should regulate businesses to prevent monopolies. They are not because they are owned by big business.

header of store.jpg

 Freedom Store

We started to sell Merchandise to help raise funds for the cause. This is not our thing but we do have a couple of items that freedom mongers might like.

Snake Oval 2.png

Freedom Sipper - This is a great coffee mug. Buy them and give them out at the next anti-gun rally in California or little California (Austin). Greats gifts too.  

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