For Love of Country


We like to put up billboards that we think are funny, pointed, and support our beliefs. We clearly state our views and don’t apologize for them. What makes this powerful is that it’s funded by the people and it’s the unfiltered message of the people.


Our messages will be empowering to those with similar common-sense views, higher expectations of elected officials, and shows people that patriotism is not dead and is only controversial when people attack our nation domestically.


For most it will make them smile or laugh as they travel to work.


Then there are those who will get angry and cry as they head to their antifa planning rally in grandma’s basement. To you we say, get a job! 

Below you can see the billboards that are up.

The SitRep - Currently we are waiting to post up some billboards closer to the November time frame. Below is an example of the Billboard we are running in Texas. 

I donated $500 to the billboard. This will keep it up a couple weeks. If you want to help please donate. 

 Previous Billboards


We started to sell Merchandise to help raise funds for the cause.



  • Constitution

  • Bill of Rights

  • American Citizen

  • Capitalism


We believe that Government creates problems, and we should not go to them to solve anything. Reduction in Government will allow the free market to create innovative cost effective and comparative solutions. The constitution is not intended to determine what can be infringed but limit government and where they should not tread. 

  • ​"Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”- Ronald Reagon -

  • Where capitalism has failed you will find government regulation every time (e.g. college Tuition / overpriced healthcare) 

  • Government should regulate businesses to prevent monopolies. They are not because they are owned by big business.

Billboard Idea1.PNG