We are raising money through crowdfunding to get billboards up in as many cities and states as we can. The goal is to act, make our voices heard, send a message, while screwing with lefties. If we can make them cry, all the better. 

The lefty communists are on the march around the world and the day being patriotic was made to be controversial is the day people started to wake up to the socialist clown show in our government.  

3D Chart 45p.png

This is not for profit


We (myself and those who have donated) do this because we don't support socialists in our government.  We as citizens, patriots, solders, police, and freedom mongers want to act. For now, supporting a message across the nation against these clowns is the fight we must fight.


'The People' and their financial support make this organization possible.


Be on the side you will be proud of when you tell the story of how we defeated the commie pinkos!! Consider a small donation and help the cause. Freedom, America, and Capitalism are worth fighting for.


12/8 We introduced new art for the mech store. The Don't Tread on Me snake is amazing and comes in many color. The US Falg AR15 is a beautiful piece of art too. 

12/3 Updates

We have not yet taken in enough donations to put up a new set of Billboards. Our Goal is $1500 and we are currently around $675. We are overly excited to be 45% funded. The new location has not yet been selected. 

Beto Running in Texas - Looks like the clown Beto from Texas is running again. We found he looks like Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. It Beto's honor we have created a new billboard for next year. Go get an early peek at the 'Projects' tab. 

The Merch Shop is starting to generate a few dollars. We added gear with Dirty Hairy Quotes. Lets go Brandon is still Number 1

You Tube / Rumble Channel - We are still working on this. Trying to decide a format and then learning how to create the format we select. We might just choose to get started and let it mold itself into place (get better as e go).

Congratulations Virginia for the red pill win.


We started to sell Merchandise to help raise funds for the cause.




What Does
Let's Go Brandon Mean

We are pro

  • Constitution

  • Bill of Rights

  • American Citizen

  • Capitalism


We believe in the founding principles of this country, and if you don't like it, you can make a fat donation and get the heck off the website. While you're at, it if you haven't read The Bill of Rights, I suggest you do!  It's kinda Awesome!!!



If we raise enough to cover the costs of Billboards, we will be buying T-Shirts with Let's Go Brandon on the front and handing them out to illegal aliens at the border. 

This should be a great photo opportunity.


Estimated cost is $4000 

At a NASCAR race the crowd was chanting F-Joe Biden. 

The news reporter tried to claim they where shouting Let's Go Brandon

(The name of the driver who won the race)

The camera links above will provide you the info you seek.